Multiple Use Water Services

  • What people need

    water for drinking, cooking, washing, sanitation, crops, livestock, fisheries, gardens, small-scale enterprises...

  • But are they getting it?

    In most communities the systems in place have been designed for just one type of use: domestic or irrigation

  • Consequences of a single-use service

    illegal connections, destruction of pipes, pumps or canal access; unsafe drinking water; exceeding the limits of the system.

  • MUS works

    Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) is a participatory approach that ensures people have the water they need for healthy, productive lives.

  • Water rights
  • Sustainability
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Water quality
  • Self-supply
  • Wastewater
  • Community-driven MUS
  • Institutions
  • Domestic-plus
  • MUS by design
  • Irrigation-plus
  • Costs and financing
  • Learning and change
  • Water demand
  • Enabling environment
  • Planning
  • Technology
  • Water resources
  • Livelihoods

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