Guidelines for planning and management of mus systems

Guidelines for planning and management of mus systems

TitleGuidelines for planning and management of mus systems
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Guidelines for planning and management water supply systems to support the domestic and small scale productive activities of rural families

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This document aims to provide a practical guide for planning, developing and manageing water supply systems that meet the multiple water needs of people that live in rural communities. They aim to broaden the perspective about the available options to provide water in terms of sources, technologies and to introduce strategies to incorporate Cleaner Production and efficient water use options for the different activities of rural communities. They also include a discussion on aspects related to management, costs and tariffs for mus systems.

These guidelines are the result of a process developed in a participatory way through Learning Alliances in Colombia. It is expected that these guidelines will contribute to incorporate innovative approaches to formulate policies and regulations for rural water supply systems in Colombia where 73% of the rural households are engaged in agricultural activities (DANE, 2005). They aspire to contribute to changing the sectoral approach that characterising the current planning processes related to water in Colombia, and that make it difficult to satisfy in an integrated way the needs of people