Assessment report Delani village

Assessment report Delani village

TitleAssessment report Delani village
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Delani is a very small village, situated about six (06) kilometres just outside of Hluvukani village. These two villages also share a name, Eglington C and B, respectively. Eglington A is not part of Ward 16.

Initial contact with the village is made through the villageInduna(head-man) and the chairperson of the village CDF (Community Development Forum). A meeting was held with these two structures to introduce the Securing Water to Enhance Local Livelihood (SWELL) concept and to highlight the intention of carrying out an assessment process in the village. It was agreed that the process can take place, a date for the assessment was set and the CDF together with theIndunabegan inviting villagers to and making arrangements for a meeting that was held at a local school. It was during school vacations so the process did not interfere with school programmes.

The Traditional Authority was represented by the village IndunaThe presence of the Induna means a lot to these kinds of processes since there is a tendency by either the Traditional Authority or Local governance (the CDF in particular) to not attend when the other either of the two present. [authors abstract]

This report is a part of  : “South Africa - Access to water and livelihoods in Ward 16, Bushbuckridge”