Assessment report Lephong village

Assessment report Lephong village

TitleAssessment report Lephong village
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Lephong village is located near Athol (another village in the Ward) in the south most side of Hluvukani. Sothois the predominant language used by residents in this community while Xitsongais the language in the whole of Ward 16. According to the latest demarcations, this village will be moved to another Ward, i.e. it will no longer form part of Ward 16. The fact that it will be moved to anther ward got some members of village leadership concerned. The concern was with regard to the work that would be carried out by AWARD (the Association for Water and Rural Development), whether it would be useful for them the “new” region that they were being moved to.

The team arrived and found that very few people had turned up for the meeting. The CDF member reassured the team that villagers would come as soon as they realise that the team has arrived. Some of the team members, especially those from government departments, arrive in these villages in their own or work vehicles. One person from the Department of Agriculture suggested that those that had vehicles drive out to remind people of the meeting.

This report is a part of  : “South Africa - Access to water and livelihoods in Ward 16, Bushbuckridge”