Assessment report Seville B village

Assessment report Seville B village

TitleAssessment report Seville B village
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Seville B is located about eighteen (18) kilometres on the south-eastern side of Hluvukani. Its immediate neighbouring villages are Seville C (Ka-Million), which is in the west, Seville A in the south, Utah in the east and Thorndale in the north. All four villages are within a four (04) kilometre radius of Seville B. 

A huge dam that the whole of Ward 16 livestock owners depend on in the dry season is located between this village and Thorndale. Seville B village structures do impose restriction on the use of the dam especially in the dry season, for livestock only. In the wet season some of the water from the dam is treated and pumped into the village reservoir for domestic uses while some of the water is pumped to the neighbouring villages, Utah and Dixie respectively. [authors abstract]

This report is a part of  : “South Africa - Access to water and livelihoods in Ward 16, Bushbuckridge”