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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Sources of Water for Household Enterprises in Rural Vietnam. PDF icon Noel- water for household entreprises Vietnam.pdf (9.55 KB)
Cousins T, Chauke SSmits and.  Submitted.   South Africa - Access to water and livelihoods in ward 16, Bushbuckridge. PDF icon Water and livelihoods -BLM-final.pdf (1.05 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa: costs and benefits of rainwater harvesting, De Lange. PDF icon De Lange - cost benefits of RWH in South Africa.pdf (1.07 MB)
Lefebvre M., Morardet S., Montginoul M., Farolfi S..  Submitted.  South Africa- How to finance multiple use water systems for the rural poor? PDF icon AgadirPaper.PDF (255.46 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa- Institutional framework, water pricing structures and costs of domestic water services. PDF icon MLefebvreMemoire09-05.pdf (1.14 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa- Introduction to SWELL (Securing Water to Enhance Local Livelihoods) methodology. PDF icon Introduction to the SWELL methodology-final.pdf (287.8 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa- Learning alliance monitors the progress of multiple use approaches in Bushbuckridge. Microsoft Office document icon Monitoring workshop - TC edits 19 Sept.doc (169 KB)
Cousins T, Maluleke VDlamini an.  Submitted.  South Africa- Learning and working with local stakeholders on integrated services delivery. PDF icon Working with stakeholders final webversion.pdf (347.37 KB)
Development AWARD-Associac.  Submitted.  South Africa- Learning support material on water and livelihoods for intermediate-level agencies. PDF icon AWARD LSM Unit 1 Web.pdf (1.68 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa: National Water Resource Strategy 2013.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa- On farm implementation of low-cost drip irrigation in South Africa. PDF icon Low-cost drip irrigation-On farm implementation in South Africa.pdf (1.64 MB)
Cousins T, Dlamini V, Maluleke SSmits and.  Submitted.  South Africa- planning for a multiple use approach at local level. PDF icon Dlamini-Warfsa Paper - Final.pdf (335.3 KB)
Dlamini V.  Submitted.  South Africa- Practices of integrated water services provision by local government in Bushbuckridge. PDF icon BLM Institutional Analysis - Final Report.pdf (495.21 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa: putting integrated water resources management into practice (English).
Smits TCousins an.  Submitted.  South Africa - seminar on local government implementation of a multiple uses of water approach. PDF icon report second national seminar mus.pdf (225.01 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa: study on productive use of domestic piped water .
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa: The application of SWELL methodology in Bushbuckridge, South Africa. PDF icon Case Study SWELL final.pdf (609.93 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Africa: Water for productive livelihoods in South Africa's National Water Strategy.
Maluleke N.  Submitted.  South Africa - Water security and vulnerability: perceptions and practices. PDF icon vul paper - final version.pdf (302.27 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Asia and Global: management issues and opportunities of MUS. Office presentation icon Renault - mus and service oriented management in irrigation systems.ppt (1.77 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South Asia & Saharan Africa: MUS cost benefits for the rural poor, Renwick, Winrock Intl. PDF icon Renwick - Costs benefits MUS.pdf (695.95 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  South-Africa - Households’ preferences and willingness to pay for multiple use water services in rural areas. PDF icon Kanyoka Farolfi Morardet.pdf (738.65 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Southern Africa region: guidelines for community-scale MUS.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Sri Lanka. Office presentation icon Ariyabandu.ppt (104 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Step by step approach: Community participation in design. PDF icon Community_ Participation_Design_RAINpresentation.pdf (1.3 MB)