Assessment report Seville C village

Assessment report Seville C village

TitleAssessment report Seville C village
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Seville C is located about sixteen (16) kilometres outside of Hluvukani. This is probably the only village in Ward 16 that does not have water availability problems. There are two boreholes that are located between this village and another, Thorndale. These two boreholes are shared between three villages.

Initial contact with the village is made through the villageInduna(head-man) and the chairperson of the village CDF (Community Development Forum). A meeting was held with these two structures to introduce the SWELL (Securing Water to Enhance Local Livelihoods) concept and to highlight the intention of carrying out an assessment process in the village. It was agreed that the process can take place, a date for the assessment was set and the CDF together with theIndunabegan inviting villagers to and making arrangements for a meeting that was held at a local crèche/ kindergarten. The initial meetings were not very difficult to organise given that the chairperson of the CDF in Seville C is a plumber working at the Hluvukani Regional office of the Municipality. we had met him several times before and some form of relationship had already began to develop. [authors abstract]

This report is a part of  : “South Africa - Access to water and livelihoods in Ward 16, Bushbuckridge”