Bolivia: the Challacaba case

Bolivia: the Challacaba case

TitleBolivia: the Challacaba case
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of PublicationSubmitted

A story of a group of boys and how the lack of access to improved water supply affects the livelihoods of their families. The story takes place in the community of Challacaba, Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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This short movie tells the story of a group of boys of the community of Challacaba, based in Cercado municipality in the department of Cochabamba in Bolivia. In one way or another, the boys and their families all suffer from the lack of access to improved water supply. The story takes a different turn when a new water distribution network is inaugurated in the village. From that day on the people have access 24 hours a day to safe drinking water to meet their basic needs.
By IRC, Programa AguaTuya and Centro A.G.U.A./UMSS - UW