Community-driven MUS

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  MUS Scaling potentials.

A presentation given by Barbara van Koppen (IWMI) and Stef Smits (IRC) on MUS-scoping studies on potentials, barriers and scaling pathways in India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania on the 2012 MUS-group meeting in Washington, DC.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  MUS concepts.

A presentation by Stef Smits on basic MUS issues given at the 2012 MUS-group meeting in Washington, DC.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Van Koppen - guidelines for community MUS.

In this presentation, Barbara van Koppen (IWMI) highlighted guidelines for community scale MUS, as applied in Southern Africa.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  van Koppen - expert note.

This note highlights three research domains to support implementation of MUS at scale and also to communicate the merits of MUS at policy levels.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Global: community-based MUS, van Koppen.

This is a presentation on project on localised IWRM, or community based MUS. It assess eight opportunities or steps to improve the benefits/cost ratio and promoting MUS.