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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Bulgaria: institutional constraints for multiple use of water (English).
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Cape Verde: assessing the financial sustainability of water supply systems.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Catholic Relief Services and MUS. PDF icon Seremet_Catholic Relief Services and MUS_Washington 19 Jan 2012.pdf (1.31 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Characterising MUS at community level: findings from case studies in 8 countries. PDF icon Smits et al - characterising mus in 8 countries.pdf (269.51 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Checklist on integrating gender into agricultural water management. PDF icon Gender_checklist_agriculture_water_management.pdf (664.51 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Chhatiwan: abundant water. PDF icon IDE_MUS02_ch3.pdf (1003.58 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  China: multiple-uses in large irrigation schemes audited in Shanxi province .
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia. Office presentation icon dominguez.ppt (1.11 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia: balancing consumption and availability in a MUS system. PDF icon IRP A915875 sept 7.pdf (4.13 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia- Integrated water resources management at the farm level in Quindio.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia: learning alliance for scaling up multiple use services. Office presentation icon Restrepo - learning alliance for mus in Colombia.ppt (719.5 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia- Legal & institutional frameworks in Colombia & their impact on multiple use water systems.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia- Multiple uses of water in the Cajamarca irrigation system.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia- Multiple uses of water in the La Palma -Tres Puertas water supply system, Valle del Cauca.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.   Colombia: Multiple uses of water in the micro-catchment of El Chocho. PDF icon El Chocho.pdf (1.08 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia: rural MUS study in Cali. PDF icon cinara.pdf (202.01 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia: the multiple water use systems project in Colombia.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia: water availability and multiple uses of water in a Colombian micro-catchment : English case study. Microsoft Office document icon Roa, Clara PRODWAT-english.doc (1.08 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia-Multiple-use water systems by design: the experiences of PAAR, Valle del Cauca.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Community based integrated water resources management programme in Banibango and Soumatte. PDF icon Legesse - Oxfam Niger.pdf (1020.51 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Community-level lessons - India. PDF icon IDE_MUS11_ch12.pdf (557.49 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Community-level lessons - Nepal. PDF icon IDE_MUS05_ch6.pdf (637.43 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Community-scale multiple-use water services: ‘MUS to climb the water ladder’. PDF icon Van Koppen - mus to climb the water ladder.pdf (321.74 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Concepción y construcción participativa de un sistema de agua de uso múltiple en la zona rural de Vinto - Bolivia. PDF icon MUS VINTO PROMIC CTB 071114.pdf (576.42 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Conclusion. PDF icon IDE_MUS13_concl.pdf (1.19 MB)