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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Addressing livestock needs in Multiple-Use water Services. PDF icon MUStRAIN_case_5_addressing_livestock_needs_in_MUS(1).pdf (1.15 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia - Assessment of the contamination level of water at collection points. PDF icon Birhanu thesis.pdf (770.96 KB)
van Hoeve E, van Koppen B, contact) EBoelee(.  Submitted.  Ethiopia- Beyond fetching water for livestock: a gendered sustainable livelihoods framework . PDF icon GenderedVisionLivestock.pdf (565.42 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: costs and benefits of multiple use. Office presentation icon Abebe - costs and benefits mus in Ethiopia.ppt (592.5 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Costs and benefits of MUS, Abebe, RIPPLE-Ethiopia. PDF icon Zemede - MUS CBA in Ethiopia.pdf (381.37 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Enhancing benefits from WASH interventions - Case study from Kalu. PDF icon mwa_tccaf_kalu_mus_case_study_final.pdf (436.4 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Enhancing benefits from WASH interventions - Case study from Kamba. PDF icon mwa_tccaf_kamba_mus_case_study_final.pdf (577.97 KB)
Tulu M.  Submitted.  Ethiopia - estimation of productivity of water harvesting projects. PDF icon WaterProd-draft.pdf (493.16 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia - Evaluating the efficiency of slow sand filtration in clay pots. PDF icon Ephrem_Thesis_3.pdf (846.38 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Faecal sludge reuse interventions: the Arborloo and Fossa Alterna. PDF icon MUStRAIN_case_4a_faecal_sludge_reuse_interventions.pdf (878.39 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia- Gender and institutions in Adidaero watershed. PDF icon GenderRelationsMUS.pdf (322.39 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia - Gender Implications in Managing Multiple Water Supply Systems. Microsoft Office document icon MUS_adidaero_synthesis_draft.doc (292.5 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Greywater reuse interventions - keyhole and vertical gardens. PDF icon MUStRAIN_case_5_greywater_reuse.pdf (1.31 MB)
Jeths M, contact) EBoelee(, Huibers F, Simachew D.  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Institutional environment & local coping strategies within a MUS system in Legedini. PDF icon CopingStrategies.pdf (2.2 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: linking water and food security; the multiple use of domestic water supplies. PDF icon Butterworth - food security at home.pdf (446.06 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Manual well drilling. PDF icon MUStRAIN_case_8_manual_well_drilling.pdf (1.05 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: multiple-use water services scoping study. PDF icon Report MUS Scoping Ethiopia IWMI-IRC.pdf (1.32 MB)
Ayalew D.  Submitted.  Ethiopia - parasite infections among children in Dire Dawa. PDF icon Thesis Dawit Ayalew.pdf (1.96 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Rainwater harvesting. PDF icon Technical visit report (Final Draft) V22-DD.pdf (203.95 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Self-supply family wells for Multiple Use water Services. PDF icon MUStRAIN_case_2_self_supply_family_wells.pdf (875.98 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: summary report enhancing benefits from WASH interventions. PDF icon mwa_tccaf_mus_case_study_summary_final.pdf (510.11 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: The CMP approach and potential to promote multiple uses of water. PDF icon MUStRAIN_case_7_CMP_approach_and_MUS.pdf (1.4 MB)
Hagos GLemma.  Submitted.  Ethiopia - The role of household ponds in the expansion of homegardens in Tigray. PDF icon Thesis Gebreegziabher Lemma.pdf (2.51 MB)
Scheelbeek P, contact) EBoelee(, Huibers F.  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Two containers a day- the search for proper water sources in Eastern Ethiopia. PDF icon TwoContainers.pdf (4.52 MB)
Bane J.  Submitted.  Ethiopia - valuing non-agricultural uses of irrigation water. PDF icon Jonse thesi.pdf (699.74 KB)