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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Lineamientos para mus. PDF icon Lineamientos mus.pdf (2.87 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  A livelihood approach to water in rural areas and implications for MUS. PDF icon Faures-livelihoods approach water in rural areas.pdf (820.37 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Livelihoods and growth? Office presentation icon Slaymaker-livelihoods and growth.ppt (324.5 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Makoni - guideline for water for livelihoods in Zimbabwe. Office presentation icon Fungai Makoni.ppt (2.07 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Malawi: Local-level integrated water resource management. PDF icon process documentation report Malawi FORMATTED.pdf (906.7 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Mapping systems and service for multiple uses in Krishna Delta Western System Andra Pradesh - India : Massmus application with special focus on dome.... PDF icon MUS_KWD_Final2.pdf (2.09 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Mastewal - rainwater management for chain of water uses. Office presentation icon Mastewal.ppt (3.07 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Mejia - guidelines for MUS design in Honduras. File Tupac Mejia.pptx (509.53 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  MEMORIA Taller Multisectorial MUS JUN 2007 Cochabamba - Bolivia. PDF icon Memoria Taller JUN2007.pdf (70.26 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Microcuenca de la Quebrada El Chocho, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. PDF icon Microcuenca_de_la_Quebrada_el_Chocho.pdf (1.08 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Minidistrito de Riego de Cajamarca, Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Moriarty - Ladders for assessing and costing water service delivery. PDF icon Moriarty_service_ladder_for_costing_water_supply.pdf (768.56 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Moving towards a MUS approach. PDF icon Spooner MUS approach CAFOD Kenya.pdf (314.04 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Mozambique: Local-level integrated water resource management. PDF icon Process documentation Mozambique.pdf (586.76 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple Functions of Water Management in Paddy Fields. PDF icon Furihata - multiple functions in paddy.pdf (221.27 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple sources and uses of water in North East Thailand. Microsoft Office document icon MUSinNEThailand.doc (52 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple Use Services of Water. PDF icon Diallo - MUS in WaterAid West Africa.pdf (1000.92 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple Use Systems and equity in the Sahel, Burkina Faso. PDF icon Boulenouar - MUS and water points Burkina Faso.pdf (678.27 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple use water service, a way for better livelihood in rural areas. PDF icon PrésentationMUS Gwangju.pdf (831.84 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple Use Water Services. Office presentation icon PRODWAT MUS Stockholm 2006.ppt (2.4 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple Use Water Services – Messages prepared for the 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul, Turkey 2009 .
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple uses of water: a view from the reality of rural communities and national politics in Colombia. PDF icon Dominguez et al - rural realities and national policies Colombia.pdf (262.07 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple uses of water: Practical strategies to increase the impact of water services through an integrated approach. PDF icon Nota de política general.pdf (1.91 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Multiple uses of water: Practical strategies to increase the impact of water services through an integrated approach.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  MUS and service-oriented management. PDF icon Renault_MUS and service oriented management.pdf (1.77 MB)