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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  India: potential for poverty alleviation through MUS in the Northeastern Hills.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  India: rural water supply publication.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  India: Scaling up community-based MUS through MG-NREGA. PDF icon Report MUS Scoping India IWMI - IRC.pdf (1.85 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  India: tank irrigation and MUS in Andhra Pradesh, Kalle, Winrock International. Office presentation icon Kalle Tank presentation.ppt (614.5 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  India: understanding linkages: water and livelihoods in Andhrah Pradesh.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Inland Fishery as Additional Source of Income and Protein in Minor Tanks in Sri Lanka. PDF icon Harischandra- fisheries in tanks in Sri Lanka.pdf (209 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Insights on elaborating a domestic use module to MASSMUS; case from Andhra Pradesh, India. PDF icon 8_FAO_MUS_MASMUSS_WASH_India.pdf (722.14 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Integrating MUS in WASH projects as a Domestic+: An Initiation of WaterAid Nepal. PDF icon 6WaterAid_MUS_Nepal.pdf (1.66 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Introduction Expert Day. PDF icon Introduction expert day.pdf (105.63 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Introduction to the PRODWAT-group and the multiple use water services (MUS). Office presentation icon butterworth.ppt (152 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Irrigation . Office presentation icon Boelee.ppt (1.57 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Irrigation-plus approaches to multiple use of water. Office presentation icon Koppen-mus in irrigation areas.ppt (2.1 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Jordan: greywater treatment and use for poverty reduction in Jordan (English).
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Keeping the Water Flowing: Multiple-Use Water Services.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Kenya: domestic water utilisation and its influence on the household livelihood of a rural community in Ukambani, Eastern Province (English).
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Kenya: the Kabuku water project.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Keynote presentation by Barbara van Koppen. PDF icon Keynote_Barbara_Van_Koppen.pdf (1.14 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Kikwari: community-led integrated water resource management. PDF icon IDE_MUS09_ch10.pdf (1.76 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Krishnapur: scarce water. PDF icon IDE_MUS04_ch5.pdf (1.08 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Latin America: the role of Multiple uses of water (MUS) for the poor in rural areas of Latin America. PDF icon Fact_Sheet_sept 18.pdf (325.24 KB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Learning alliances for mus in India and Nepal. Office presentation icon MMoniqueMUSPresentation.ppt (1.51 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Learning Alliances in the Andean Basin.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Lesssons learnt IWRM demonstration projects. PDF icon Lesssons learnt IWRM demonstration projects.pdf (3.98 MB)
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Limpopo general - relevance of multiple uses of water for the SADC region : session report. PDF icon Report on session MUS WARFSA.pdf (92.91 KB)
Smits S, Cousins T, Dlamini V, van Koppen EGuzha and.  Submitted.  Limpopo general - relevance of multiple uses of water for the SADC region. PDF icon Background paper WARFSA-final.pdf (301.22 KB)