[Anonymous].  Submitted.  van Koppen - expert note.

This note highlights three research domains to support implementation of MUS at scale and also to communicate the merits of MUS at policy levels.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Renault - Service Oriented Management approach for MUS.

This paper discusses MUS from the perspective of water management on large irrigation systems (LIS) and more specifically addressing the Cost and Benefits Analysis (CBA) pertaining to MUS in irrigation.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Nepal: attribution gap in CBA of MUS, Merino, EkoRural.

This presentation by Jorge Merino looks into the difficulties in attribution in CBA of MUS. This is illustrated by case work from Nepal.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Ethiopia: Costs and benefits of MUS, Abebe, RIPPLE-Ethiopia.

In this presentation Zemede Abebe and Marieke Adank look into the incremental costs and benefits of different pathways of developing MUS in Ethiopia.