[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Colombia: balancing consumption and availability in a MUS system.

This thesis report studies the water balance in a MUS system in Colombia. It shows amongst others the importance of identifying different strata of users in the system, as these have different consumption patterns. Using the water balance concept, it shows the relative importance of water supply from the system and greenwater for different domestic and productive uses.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Wichelns - mus_note_100205.

A preliminary view of the Multiple Use Services (MUS) perspective pertaining to water sector investments

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Palanisami - MUS expert discussion.

Expert not on quantification and valuation of multiple uses in tank irrigation systems, based on the Tamil Nadu case in South India

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Nagabhatla - Multiple-use of water in Bangladesh floodplains.

Study in which the productivity of water and fish is used as an indicator and hypothesize that seasonal aquaculture supported by the management of floodplains for multiple-use of water can significantly increase the productivity of rice-fish systems.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Renwick - CBA.

This expert note provides some entry points on how to expand the work around MUS as an approach -including its conceptualization, working models, and implementation - from a cost-benefit perspective.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Nepal: attribution gap in CBA of MUS, Merino, EkoRural.

This presentation by Jorge Merino looks into the difficulties in attribution in CBA of MUS. This is illustrated by case work from Nepal.